There are some individuals who are on nutritional balancing programs whose goal is to go beyond removal of health symptoms and develop spiritually.  Spiritual Development is the fullest unfolding of the human potential in terms of health, long life, wisdom, and a deeper appreciation of who one is and what life is about.  Here are some general principles regarding this type of development: one can attune or develop the body to make it an instrument of amazing sensitivity; many gifts are given or develop as a result of this tuning in process; simply living a longer, healthier, happier life; and to develop the subtle human bodies, or energetic bodies.  Every person has a physical body, but we also have a number of electric or energy bodies as well.  Common ones are the astral, mental, etheric, and casual bodies.  We recommend everyone read the “Power of Now” book written by Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher.  You can also visit his website at: www.eckharttolle.com.  Additionally, we recommend everyone meditate on a daily basis.  Read more about a meditation exercise that Dr. Lawwrence Wilson recommends only: Meditation-Observation Exercise.  Learn more about spiritual development and the seven chakras written by Dr. Lawrence Wilson:  Introduction to Spiritual Development and Introduction to the Chakras.

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Why are you so tired? According to hair analysis research, 70-80% of hair tests show weak adrenal glands. The adrenal glands sit atop of your kidneys producing over a dozen of hormones and they regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, salt, and the autonomic nervous system. One of the main symptoms of adrenal exhaustion is unrelenting fatigue.  Read more about: Adrenal Burnout Syndrome  Click here to read articles on physical health conditions  and mental/emotional/behavioral conditions written by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

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To learn more about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis & Nutritional Balancing Science, please click on the following links to read articles written by Dr. Lawrence Wilson:  Introduction to Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Introduction to Nutritional Balancing Science.

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Detoxification is critical in Nutritional Balancing to remove toxic metals & chemicals from our bodies.  Hair Analysis screens for Toxic Metals.  Read about the dangers of toxic metals: Toxic Metals and Human HealthCopper toxicity and the Three Amigos (iron toxicity, manganese toxicity, & aluminum) are common mineral imbalances on hair tests:    The following articles are on detoxification recommendations we use often in Nutritional Balance Science:  Near Infrared Light Sauna Therapy, and Coffee Enemas.

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The following are articles on nutritional supplements/products we recommend often for our Nutritional Balancing Programs written by Dr. Lawrence Wilson:  Metabolic Paks for the Oxidation Types, LimcominParamin, GB-3, Zinc, Vitamin D, Selenium, Renamide, Specialty Products, and Kelp.  Note:  These are not all of the supplements we recommend.  Supplementation will vary for each individual.  More supplements are listed at http://drlwilson.com/.  In addition, we recommend Omega 3 Fatty Acids.   You can read more about Omega 3’s and The Healing Lifestyle by Dr. Wilson.  You can also visit Analytical Research Labs’ website at http://www.arltma.com/ to view their product catalog on their supplement page (this is the laboratory we work with).

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The following articles are written by Dr. Lawrence Wilson on the Fast & Slow Oxidizer Diets & proper drinking water we recommend in Nutritional Balancing Science:  Fast Oxidizer Diet,  Slow Oxidizer Diet, and Proper Drinking Water.

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Dr. Lawrence Wilson is a practitioner with over 29 years of Nutritional Balancing Science experience. Kristen Harper, Nutritional Balancing & Lifestyle Coach and owner of Perfect Health Consulting Services, is listed as an approved practitioner on Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s website and has personally trained with him and his advanced students. The link below will take you directly to Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s “articles & studies” page on his website which includes numerous articles.  Click on this link to read Health Articles by Dr. Lawrence Wilson: http://drlwilson.com/READ%20ARTICLES.htm  One article that is highly recommended you read is the Nutritional Balancing Life Extension Program.

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